Are your fleet vehicles leases ending? We provide a free de-fleet appraisal service to then advise you on required repairs to maximise your fleet’s resale value.

Our de-fleet services offers sign writing removal and the preparation for onward wholesale through a selection of remarketing options.

Autotech Accident Repairs also recognize the pressures faced by businesses and fleet managers to reduce the time that vehicles are off the road following accidents. We are therefore committed to repairing your vehicles in a timely and efficient manner with the minimum level of inconvenience and delays to your business.

We offer a professional and comprehensive service in the handling of repairs to your fleet, recovery of vehicles in the North West and more importantly keeping your employees on the road following an accident. We manage both fault and non fault claims in order to offer a complete fleet management service to our clients.

We liaise with the relevant insurance company and insurance brokers in order to bring each claim to a speedy and efficient resolution and your vehicles back on the road at the earliest opportunity.

Our service is designed to be flexible to each business and their individual requirements. At Autotech we will ensure that the service you receive is both reliable and inline with your expectations.

For further information and to discuss how Autotech can help your business please Contact us on 0161 681 1191 or Email us @ autotechmanchester@gmail.com